The Gift In Seeking More

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    Find the gift in more

    Do you wonder about the statement about seeking more? The Elders use this phrase a lot in their writings, especially when giving insights and understandings. More is always in play. My objective today is to clarify this although others may scratch their head at the need to do so. And really, what more might be understood in this way? I’ve heard some don’t fully understand the point as they believe they’ve already found what they’re in search of. If you already know what the Elders suggest and don’t want any additional tidbits, just skip to the YouTube video to hear their update.

    Life vs Original Purpose

    You see, often in this life, we become comfortable with an understanding or belief we’ve settled upon. In doing so, we’ve stopped looking for answers. We’ve stopped searching for new insights or deeper meanings to the truths we were once routinely in search of.

    gift in seeking more

    For me, it was the concept of having a life purpose. I searched for my life purpose for much of my adult life. And when this searching and continually seeking more led me to find the original purpose, I didn’t even see the distinction or deeper understanding this discovery conveyed. When initially given, I thought the Little Book to Find Your Purpose was all about one’s life purpose. Yet I found the Elders had never referenced “life purpose.” No — not once. I had mentally inserted that meaning on my own. And so, always ask for a greater understanding. Always seek to understand more than what the mind suggests or where it might lead.

    Partial Truth

    When seeking more, you get a different understanding than earlier because sometimes a belief isn’t really true. Sometimes the belief has a component of truth but isn’t all it could be. Let’s say it is a partial truth. One component is true while another is not. Or, sometimes, we find a belief we believed once before. This belief feels right and comfortable, in its familiarity. This feeling has reconnected us to something we believed previously. This realization can provide an aha feeling, a feeling of comfort in its familiarity. So now that missing thing seems to have been found at long last. And the rightness of choice ego so craves aligns quite nicely with the familiarity felt. So when we receive an inner confirmation, then we believe this is it — we’ve located what we’d been in search of. It confirms what we’ve found is as we believe it to be.

    But what if what you’ve found isn’t as you thought it was? What if components of it are true, but some other associated beliefs are not? What then? Now you’ve adopted an understanding that was never quite it … even back when believed in an earlier time. In other words, you may believe something that isn’t quite it. Was never it; it just felt familiar. That’s really what you’d recognized. And now, what have you got? You’ve found something that isn’t as you once believed.

    Why this Matters

    Do you see the significance here? Do you see why this matters so much? Do you see that when you adopt one component of a belief, it may suggest you adopt other components that are not correct? And that misaligned part is sending you in a different direction than you might ordinarily choose.

    What I’ve learned in this lifetime is to make sure to confirm beliefs from my heart space as opposed to mentally. The Elders have repeatedly let me know this is my life. And I must adopt and move from a centeredness of being. And to do that, alignment is best and more accurate when originating from the heart space. This is a critical distinction and a vital part of the equation.

    Seeking More

    Ego likes to be right. It doesn’t like to be second-guessed. But know when you don’t ask from the heart space and simply ask mentally, mental confirmations are all you will receive back. Now when a mental confirmation occurs, we think we’re on the right track. But unfortunately, things aren’t as they appear to be.

    Again, the Elders recommend asking when centered from the heart space, multiple times, to confirm what is believed. This way you receive an accurate confirmation. We’ve gotten so caught up in the mind and its games that sometimes it’s hard to tell what is correct and true, and what isn’t. Check and then confirm inwardly as you begin from the heart space rather than an open-ended mental question. Move in the best direction possible when you move forward in this way. And now check out the video and the Elders update giving more …

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