An Unscripted Road Trip

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    An Unscripted Road Trip

    Have you ever considered living an unscripted and more spontaneous life? Have you ever pondered living life in a way that isn’t as the mind suggests? Have you ever wondered and then connected to your heart space to begin a new adventure? And what about your purpose? Is it time to consider this life differently? I’ve just returned from a six-week unscripted road trip. And I’ve got a lot to share. 

    I won’t relate everything now but will share more details over the coming months. This was an incredible trip. Much more than you could imagine. And it’s all because I was willing to step out and be in the space of not knowing its outcome. 

    Life’s Twists and Turns

    So often, we consider things before we take certain steps. Consider the pros and cons of what we anticipate the outcome will be. But what if we don’t know the outcome and we wage a mental trial to figure out if we should go and do something unscripted … unscripted and unknown?

    That’s what happened to me. I was trying to figure out my travel plans to present in Sedona, AZ. This was to be the second planned speaking engagement. But how to get there? The airline tickets seemed high. Well, I could fly to Europe for the same amount of money. So I looked into using points but found the same amount of points would also take me to Europe. I like Sedona but was this a sign? Was I supposed to go to Sedona?

    When I asked the Elders, they asked me how many signs I needed to know that this was a trip I was to take. They also asked if I’d considered taking a road trip. I coined this unscripted road trip as my Magical Mystery Tour. I didn’t know what was to occur between this and that city, but I knew I was to continually tune in and ask for direction.

    Do You Ask?

    Do you plan everything out, or do you just wing things? I used to be a planner. I knew the type of person I was going to marry, the type of job I wanted to hold, I even knew the trips I planned to take, and so on and so forth.

    But I never believed I needed to ask in the way I now ask for direction. I realize how very little I know. Even when I know so much more than yesterday, I realize it’s so very little in the scheme of things.

    My Unscripted Road Trip

    This unscripted road trip has been a monumental experience for me individually but also for those these travels have touched. I can’t imagine anything bigger. It was beyond my wildest expectations or imaginings. To say it was life-changing wouldn’t capture what I hope to convey here. This was a big deal.

    And now I’m back home and wondering about all I’ve discovered, uncovered, and experienced. How do I convey the significance so that you take a chance to try the very thing that has transformed my life? How do I share the significance I experienced so that it might become a part of your day and understanding?

    Find Your Purpose

    All of my ambitions, all that I aspire to do and be, relate to my purpose. It’s why life is amazing. It’s why life is magical. It’s what lights me up and brings about the most magical experiences. And life can be that way for you, too, if that’s your intentional desire. Your purpose is more than you might believe it to be today. Do you ask about it? Is it time to know more?

    Dare to dream and live this life to its fullest. Discover all that you are intended to discover when you take an unscripted road trip of your own. No, you don’t need to get on the road to do so. Step out of step with the mental meanderings of your mind. Move away from the rote way you may be living your life today. Dare to live this life in an unscripted way. Embark on your own unscripted road trip as you set the stage for more to be.

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