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JonBenét, Deflect Judgment

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    Judgment of others

    Speculation by the media has been a source of the public’s interest over many years and even decades regarding the death of JonBenét Ramsey. Judgment has weighed heavily on family members resulting in a more difficult and troubling existence. Might you see how surviving such criticism and deflecting what other people propose and suppose is key? Judgment is what people do, so you must rise above their opinions if you are to move past controversies in your life.

    This family did endure much criticism as they were closely followed to the point of no longer having the option to live a normal life. It is hard to watch at times what life’s decisions lead to and how they can outplay themselves. The consequences of actions taken.

    The drama that unfolds is often more dramatic than the life overview one is given before entering embodiment. It may also be that in the state of reviewing one’s life and the choices that lead to different realities, the density and the weighing down on one’s lifestream is sometimes not fully recognized from a state of lightness. Choices made when existing in a more ethereal way feel differently once residing in physical form. In other words, the densities which exist on this planet are not fully understood when outside of the physicality which exists here.

    So in this reality, one feels things more deeply. Feelings are felt more significantly. The weight of people’s judgment placed upon one in body form is most difficult to endure. This is especially true when you may be undeserving of their intense, negative beliefs and focus. Their perception is their reality and may have no basis for what actually happened. The intense scrutiny felt weighs heavily on each party.

    Deflecting the Thoughts of Others

    This is why it is so critical to deflect the thoughts of others. Why it is essential to maintain one’s individual identity separate and aside from the mainstream belief system? If you place your individual worth by attaching to what the mainstream thinks, you will surely not last long in the flow of society as it now exists.

    Many seem to form an unbending opinion on what is correct, or just, or so. It is important for each to remain in a state of wonder. Not forming an opinion but giving each thought due consideration. Then allow a pause of mental space to enter in so that what is might be.

    Judgment – Don’t Judge

    Once a judgment is formed, the space of not knowing is no longer allowed to be, and it is in the not knowing that you slow the flow of what “could be” to exist. So choose to surrender in all things. Choose not to judge or be in judgment of another. This is a most critical component and one not to be taken lightly.

    Might we also say that judgment of another is judgment of self? Realize that you cannot judge unless you know a situation. How can you know what another feels or has enacted? How can you move in a way of knowing when all you can truly know is self?

    Recognize this and release the mind’s incessant desire to define and judge. You must become the mental monitor of all that crosses your path. And do you see that those who enter into this life act as a guide to bring you around to what you need to discover?

    Reflect and move within when you want to know more. Slow, or still the mind to do so. Can you do this? Can you still the mind and enter into a contemplative moment to reflect on what more might be? Do not become the judge and jury of all that exists in this world, as this would become a full-time job.

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