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Take on a Cause vs Your Purpose

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    Is a cause also your purpose? What do you believe?

    Do you realize that taking on a cause differs from enacting your purpose? Do you readily know the difference? 

    Taking on a cause often involves judging. And involvement in the cause will take more time than you might imagine. Righting a wrong is a bigger objective than you might believe. 

    I’ll say that a cause seems oh-so-significant. But ask yourself if this thing is something your Soul would have wanted to understand. Start from your heart space and ask. Remember, your Soul has no particular stake in political, sociological, or any environmental slant or objective. Your original purpose is an energy of understanding. How does this or that make you feel?

    So how do you determine when something is off? Do you originate from your heart center and sit in contemplation? Or do you ask mentally? Is it that you want to right a wrong? To correct something you believe is worth your time and energy. Would you like to bring this thing into a greater alignment with how you might prefer it to be? 

    Is this Cause an Injustice

    Do you feel impassioned by righting a wrong regarding this seemingly unjust thing? But I’ll suggest that a bigger objective than enacting a cause would be to break the tethering effect that binds you to the rounds of incarnation here. What I’m suggesting is an intangible objective. Do you see a value in undertaking something intangible in this seemingly oh-so-tangible world?

    This is the reason you are here. I’ll also suggest that since your Soul did not consider time to be a factor, how long you remain to incarnate here wasn’t a concern. As such, there is no end time for you to discover what was set into motion. In other words, you can and will continue in this reality until you enact what was imagined once upon a time.

    Does not knowing this or that create frustration or even angst within you? And why is this life as it is? Why do things seem so difficult? Do you wonder? Do you ask?

    The mind professes and projects many considerations. Are they worth your time, energy, and focused attention? Do you believe the looping thoughts that routinely appear are your own? And do you follow up with everything that mentally pops into view? Do you observe rather than enact? Do you remain conscious and aware? Where do you place your keen focus? 

    Your Focus is Key

    I suggest that you redirect your focus to positive objectives rather than focusing on the negative. Focus on uplifted considerations. Focus on the life you wish to manifest.

    Focus is key because this is how you draw more of the things you want into your life. Your focused attention draws them to you. 

    When trying to solve a problem by proactively researching an occurrence that may or may not come into play, your focused attention actually draws things like this to you. In other words, when trying to prevent something bad from happening, your focus draws it ever closer to you like a magnet. This is also known as the Law of Attraction. It is because when you keenly focus on something, Universe believes you want more of it.

    Release negative, unwanted things and move to embrace what is wanted. Set your focus on what you want instead. In this way, you can bring more preferred things into your being, world, and future as you manifest a better reality. Now the more preferred reality is drawn in.

    What you wish to see will pop into play in a seemingly effortless way. Know that your reality can readily change when you see life in the positivity in which it exists.

    A Cause Will Not Get You There

    Recognize, too, that a cause, although impactful, will not make the strides your Soul sought for you to discover while here on Earth. Connect and feel your way through this life. Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Trust that more is yet to come.

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