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Meditate – Stop Mental Distractions

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    Meditate to Still the Mind

    Might you meditate? Utilize this and other meditational exercises (see below) to move the mental box off and away from where it normally resides. Meditate more easily this way. Now you can engage a means to elicit answers. To ascertain those things you desire to know more readily. In this way, the answers you want now can be more easily recognized and received. Meditate to regain that mental control as you still and slow the mind’s engagement.

    Ponder and release those questions you have wanted to know as you become receptive to the answers you seek to be given. Receive what you’ve longed to access as you create that welcoming space for all that awaits your discovery. Enlist these steps to clear mental chatter. Discoveries await — now might you find your purpose.

    Listen now to what the Elders share about the means to have a successful meditation. Take the reigns of control back as you navigate this life differently when accessing the means to connect to more than the mind suggests. Meditate by using this meditation and several others listed below. Try them out and see which ones work best for you. Listen to one and then another…

    Other meditations to still and slow the mind include these —

    I’ll say that mental engagement and all the things that the mind suggests and not helpful. The mind routinely diminishes what could otherwise be a lovely day. When you regain the awareness that you are not the mind, nor the thoughts you keep, then you reengage with life differently. You see life through a different lens. You see the possibility and promise for each new day rather than the drudgery that the mind seemingly and endlessly suggests.

    Move in this way rather than in any other. You see you are more than you believe yourself to be. And when you focus on yourself in this way, knowing how so much more can be, then you engage in a more simplistic and effortless way.

    The Elders want you to recognize that more is available to you each day. And that the mind seeks to limit what it professes to suggest. You will never be enough through that lens. You will never do enough through that lens. You will never shift beyond that self-limiting vista if you do not relinquish a bit more today. Relinquish what the mind would have you believe. And in doing so, you open up to a new awareness of possibility and all that it promises to bring into your being and world accordingly.

    Move in an unbounded way when you relinquish the mind’s grasp and grip upon you. Relinquish what is and what you are about mentally. It is fine to do and be but when lesser objectives are suggested, when judgment is underfoot when life seems laborious and no longer fun, then know that you are in a mind game.

    The Elders would suggest that you outwit the wit. And what a fun enterprise that is. Chuckle at the absurdity of what it suggests and know that you are not those negative thoughts. You are loving thoughts with loving gestures.

    Life becomes magical and wonderful in all that it offers when you look beyond the mind and the lens it supposes. Life is after all a series of choices. Each free will choice leads you to another opportunity and each has led you to this moment in time. The time now that you find yourself reading this blog post. And isn’t that a marvelous thing?


    Meditate to still the mind and then move into asking those expansive questions. Questions about the direction you are moving and how you might move more in step with your purpose-driven undertakings. Find your purpose and recognize now how so much more can be.

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