Reincarnation, Karma, and Purpose Intertwine-Take These 5 Steps

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    reincarnation, karma, and purpose

    Reincarnation, karma, and your purpose are intertwined. They are intertwined in a unique way, and there is a purpose to these discussions now.


    First, let us consider how reincarnation does move you into this realm of existence in a sequential manner and is unlike how you might currently envision it to be. Recognize that all is quite fluid here on Earth. There is a subtle movement that occurs which may not be recognizable when you are physically placed in the body and moving about within your day or throughout this lifetime. 

    Yet, we tell you that there is much more to this process than you might currently know. Within the cue of life here, there are processes such as this that will move you into existence. You see, you did envision doing, being, and existing here in order for you to understand what you did not understand before incarnating here. 

    Recognize that this is the means to understand further what was lacking from your awareness at that point in time … as Spirit before coming into form. So let us say that you have stepped into this realm in a repetitious manner because one lifetime did not satisfy that need or this intrinsic intention. 


    Karma is often misunderstood as it does exist, too, but perhaps not in the way understood today. You see, karma is really the need to make whole that which is less than or not of the full totality of that which is. And so karma has come to be known as the righting of a wrong, and to a degree, there is a correctness as such. Yet, the understanding it implies is not meant to balance or to atone for past sins. It is, rather, the preference to restore wholeness to what was once whole and complete. It is a means and the preference to bring completeness to what was formerly sufficient and balanced.

    And so these two things do work in tandem with your existence while in physical form. These are moving one forward to enact the reason for you being here in the first place.  It was to understand a frequency or energy that was once not understood when not operating in the body in which you now exist. Know that all work together, so you might understand an energy — an emotional energy that was not understood initially. In this way, you can know more specifically what was amiss from your conscious awareness and view.

    Take these First Steps

    1. Clear Your Mind

    2. Focus on your breath and enlist conscious breathing

    3. Become Grounded

    4. Set intentions to move throughout your day in a preferred way

    5. Align and remain present in each moment

    And so you have come here to understand what you did not previously conceptualize — but how to get there? How might you find your purpose and the reason that you are here? How might you now recall what you set up so long ago? And how do you move this mysterious thing into existence when you do not now recall what it is? 

    Might you move this day in the recognition that you are more than the form from which you now live? And also that you did embody to understand that which is, but currently remains unknown.

    Move from this awareness as you move into meditation or contemplation as you seek to discover more. Ask questions and know that more will always be given when you seek to uncover what awaits discovery from the wonderment of all that is.

    In this way, you stop the succession of incarnation as you move into a different realm of understanding. Know that your purpose will move you into a more fulfilling and nurturing aspect, as this is why you are here. Discover more as you uncover its inner and innate attributes. This is the means for true happiness as external things can never satisfy or fulfill you.

    Seek balance and understanding in all things. As you move in a more aligned way, look and know these components are intertwined in your earthbound activities. They have the ability to move you throughout this and previous embodiments. They move you to be in flow with all that is so that you might recognize more. And at this realization of understanding, these processes stop, for then you have accomplished what you sought to more fully understand and know while in the physicality that you now know.

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