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Tell the Day What You Want

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    What do you want

    Might you tell the day what you want it to manifest? Tell the day what you want as you move to enact more. Know that this day holds an energetic key or pattern unlike any other. Might you provide direction to your day as you feel your way?

    Do so as you recognize its unique fingerprint. Create a new blueprint for this day and others that follow. You can pattern this and other days to provide you with the outcome you desire. Set out and lay the groundwork for all you seek this day to provide.

    Intentional Direction

    Do you see that the intentions you set, keep you at the forefront of what you want? Move with intention and purpose. Be receptive to what you want the day to manifest. Stop, pause, and reflect throughout the day to ensure that your steps are in sequence with what you prefer. These moments need not be of long duration, but look to increase them as you grow from this practice.

    Recalibration can also occur as you pause to clear your mind. Then, draw your focus back to those intentions that will move you toward the outcome sought. As you surrender your ideas to Universe, know that all is given to you through the thoughts you keep. You see the limitless potential exists for all when you allow each to be.

    Tell the Day What You Want

    Might you Frame the Day so that you can maximize this day and it can be all you wish it to be? Establish all you desire in this way.

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