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Subconscious Issues, Self-Sabotage

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    subconscious issues

    The subconscious works to provide insights from those internally held components (see the previous post, Subconscious Issues.) It works as your “behind the scenes” computer system to re-engage you with your own foundational thoughts. It holds a repository of your life experience and was originally established to keep you on course and moving forward.

    Over time, accuracies and inaccuracies have both been stored there. So, some have become mired by self-limiting thoughts as the subconscious also plays a role in what the mind communicates and runs within its loop. It works to drive you, as its host, in a direction that may be void of that at times. We call that direction-less direction.

    Do thoughts sometimes seemingly redirect you to move away from one initiative and toward another? Do repeating and visible patterns block you from an endeavor as they seem to pop up out of nowhere? Has your job stalled out, does advancement seem blocked at every turn? Is there something else within your heart you have yearned to do or to be? Yet, do you feel redirected to move into another profession or to engage in yet another activity that would bring you happiness or unbridled joy?

    Subconscious – Self-Sabotage

    When triggered by a strongly held thought, the subconscious may seem to thwart your steps by redirecting you away from what you seemingly want. Or support your steps by propelling you closer to another objective.

    Certain perspectives you hold may be providing mixed internal messages which cause your actions to become neutralized. One step takes you forward and the other one returns you back to square one. It is this component that seems to self-sabotage a situation, moving you back to center so that you might take another look.

    Have You Said Something You Didn’t Believe

    Have you ever done something totally out of character or said something that you couldn’t believe came out of your mouth? This is the self-sabotage we discuss. So when you feel continually blocked, stop and look at avenues that present themselves along the way. Did you see them before, but discounted them? Look again and perhaps make another choice.

    Understand the value of ego

    We cannot say what might propel you or might block your path, but you will know from a feeling inside. Seek to identify between the two. If you do not know at the onset, stop and ask internally which choice feels best. We suggest you recognize the varying modes which exist and stay present to observe them. This is where your work begins to identify what is directing your actions as you seek to resolve what is going on inside (you) as you look again. It is good to look at the subconscious now and again because it does subtly shift your direction. Observe those steps you believe to be missteps. And since there are no missteps, think of these as course corrections to redirect you in your life journey.

    So that we might be perfectly clear, even those things that appear to be self-sabotage are course corrections. So, take a look at them to see if you can view what has happened from a more expanded lens. Give appreciation and sleuth out what is given. What are you being shown?


    Have you grown in your abilities to discern and no longer hold self-limiting thoughts as in past times? Yes, inner child work might be beneficial here. Look within and ask what is ready to be felt and released. In bringing light into any situation, you allow for its release. Embrace new understandings as you shift out of formerly held, limited perceptions. Get to the root cause as you disengage from all that restricts your progress.

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