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Why Does Life Seem Difficult

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    Why Does Life Seem So Difficult?

    Does this day and each day seem difficult? Welcome the day that is to be. Do you see that in this day there exists the wonderment of all that is key as you align in all that is to be? Let us move forward some ideas of consideration about why this life seems oh-so-difficult. Might you ponder what we suggest as we play in the consideration underway? So when you see life as being difficult, do you wonder about the thoughts you keep, the beliefs engaged, and what is wanted? How can this thing ever be when there is not the belief to make it so?

    A Life of Measure

    Let us begin another way. Life here, in this space of time, is composed of those things that do move and form ideas and that which is of measure. We say this because when you arrive here you must look to see what might be done about this or that. You exist, let us say, from a state of wanting. What is this to become, or that to be, within this existence?

    And so, you do move and interject new steps that will become your new tomorrow. But we will say that these things are not as they might be because you perhaps thought of something un-preferred within the mix of your day and that has caused this earlier thing to become lesser, to become not as it might, or could have been otherwise. This is why life seems oh-so-difficult.

    Might you consider that you are in a mind game? In this game, you are meant to be distracted. Might you consider this now for a moment?

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