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Negativisms – Let Go of Them

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    Negativisms & Negative What Ifs

    Do you recognize and pay attention to the thoughts that run routinely through your mind’s eye? Are they positive or negative thoughts? Have you wanted to know how to stop the flow of that negative loop of thinking? Negativisms seemingly exist when you are not paying attention to what your thoughts suggest. These are all big questions and are the purpose of this blog post. 

    Is it time to now introduce different choices? Is it time to lessen or slow the negative thoughts that are routinely suggested? Is it time to stop the negative loop that continually runs there?

    Ponder or Reflect

    Consider pondering or reflecting upon those choices before you move to implement them. Ask inwardly if this or that is the best path. Always begin from the heart space when you ask for such guidance. The mind is most crafty, and you may suppose you are receiving a heart-centered insight rather than the mental one that more readily appears. Contemplate each pathway you consider in stillness before you move to enact anything.

    And know those negative what ifs need not be focused upon. They will be discussed in more detail shortly. How can you know what might happen in your future? Focus only on what is wanted so that you draw those components to your life instead.


    Negativisms or bad situations in your future could be lessened if you were to stop and reflect on where you are in your life journey. The alternative to pondering and reflecting on where you are within this life journey is for it to be redirected. This is when there is a shaking up to the life you once knew. This could be through the loss of a job, a breakup, or some other unwanted occurrence. This means or methodology of redirection is not often understood or appreciated. But were you to routinely stop, reflect, or ponder upon your life — why it is as it is — this means of redirection could be minimized.

    Find the gift in each occurrence. Then even those things that once appeared bad take on a new nature as you see their occurrence differently. Shift and recognize that were you to spend time on true inner reflection that many unwanted twists and turns would also disappear.

    Know, too, that the subconscious mind cannot determine what is wanted from what is unwanted. It is merely your focus and the thoughts that you keep that move life in one way or another. So choose to reflect on what you want rather than spending too much time considering what you don’t want.

    Know, too, that self-sabotage does exist. And so this is also a means of redirection. Listen for what the Elders share when they touch on these points. They discuss how each is a building block to the other. Anchor your objectives in a foundational way rather than in the sands, which shift and change without the stability you might prefer.

    Ask inwardly to be given the ability to know if you are on the right path or if you need to move away from where you are today and onto something else.


    Do you also have self-doubt? And does that self-doubt become reinforced by the thoughts you keep? So if your thoughts are often negative, why do you think that is? Do you know? Do you wonder if other people also have similar negative thoughts? Or do you believe others hold better thoughts than you do? You see, the mind, especially the egoic mind is more primitive in its line of thinking. Its intention is to get you out of a pickle. Its primary focus is to help you progress out of a fight-or-flight situation. The mind gives you those quick answers — even to say, knee-jerk reactionary ones.

    So what might you do to move beyond the mind and its mental meanderings? What steps or methodology are key in doing so? Have you wondered? Do you even wonder when these negativisms started? Have they been with you your whole life, and why do they suggest such negative, judgmental ramblings? Why not inspire instead?

    Do you see the difference you would experience in this life were you to recognize that the thoughts you keep do not inspire or align you in a higher way? If they are lower or more rudimentary sorts of considerations, enlist different thoughts. Consider thoughts that you desire — those that inspire.

    Defining What If

    So let’s define what if thinking as the premise of this blog post. What if thinking is a routinely conjectured or contrived line of thinking. It is a musing or subjective consideration. Do you think those sorts of thoughts too? Do you consider all the negative things that could occur in your future? If you do, might you consider restricting that sort of mental dialog as we play in this way?

    Consider, too, reading Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change. It delves into the many conjectures that the mind presents.

    You see, as you focus and then engage with the thoughts you are thinking, you begin to create and manifest. If you are thinking thoughts that are a bit scary or you become fearful, do you focus and engage with those thoughts longer than for a short time? Perhaps you become fixated on something not wanted. Do you also consider alternate scenarios as you go through different potential occurrences?

    When you catch yourself doing this, would you stop? Would you stop and redirect? Would you stop and deflect? Would you stop and focus on something preferred instead?

    You see, you are not really creating those thoughts in your head. And the what if scenarios conjectured never need to be. Have you thought about how to overcome negative thoughts? How to get them to stop playing in the future? At least they needn’t exist unobserved. Start now by simply choosing a different thought. Embrace and focus on something preferred so that better opportunities might be a part of your future.

    Is there an art to letting go of negative thoughts? It is the recognition of the thoughts you are keeping. This is where you might begin. Become the mental monitor of your thoughts. When those negative ones, those judgmental ones, those self-deprecating ones, those what if ones pop up and into play, release them. Know they do not need to be a part of your future.

    I’ve been asked if there is a process of letting go of the negative self-doubt thoughts when they arrive. Or how to be more consciously aware of them when they do pop in and show up. Again, it is to become that mental monitor. Watch for thoughts as they pop up and move into play. You must develop the ability to recognize them, or you will not advance beyond them.

    Looping Thoughts

    As mentioned earlier, do you have negative looping thoughts? Does some negative past occurrence keep popping up and into play in a loop or continuous way? Why is that? Do you know what the cause of negative thinking is, or wonder how to train the brain to be positive

    The mind and its mental meanderings will do as it will do. Yet, you can rekindle that conscious part of you to become aware of what is underfoot. Become that conscious observer so that you develop a new muscle of awareness. Develop that muscle so you can recognize when these thoughts enter. Then replace them when they do.

    Understand that these negative what if scenarios and negativisms, in general, are unnecessary. They do not advance you or serve any beneficial purpose. They are not you, and you are not the thoughts you keep. Do you wonder why this is?

    Recognize you are more aligned with that spiritual part of you than you may see right now. You are more connected to that aspect of you than the physical vessel that gives you the ability to walk and talk on this planet. Develop the connection to that higher part of you and associate less with the physicality which enables your existence here on this planet. 

    In our third book in the purpose trilogy, found in The Greater Purpose, you’ll find additional understandings. The Elders describe in detail how you are not your body and how you might see your body vessel. It is the means of moving about this Earth and the means of self-discovery.

    You are not your body. Consider it as you would a garment you put on and change as you move from lifetime to lifetime. Your body serves a definite purpose, but it is best to avoid getting lost by believing your body is more than it is. It is a tool and nothing more. Do you see this? Does this make sense to you?

    So often, we give or attribute more to it than the simplicity of its purpose. Try not to get lost in what the mind suggests. Move in a manner free from the constrictions the mind might dictate. Always circle back to your purpose. It will bring you back full circle to all you wanted to know, do or be in this life. 

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