Why does Your Focus Matter

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    Why does your focus matter?
    Why does your focus matter?

    I’ve been wanting to make some changes to these communications, so I’m beginning here with our blog posts. Moving forward, I’ll be sharing Advanced Energetics YouTube (AE YT) videos within the blog post itself and would love to hear if you like this addition. I believe it will be a fun twist to our updates. Focus is the main topic in the short YT clip where the importance of focus is discussed. You can also join in an online Q&A session next Wednesday, July 20th by registering here.

    Have you wondered where you should place your focus? Or do you wonder why focus is so important to engage especially at the start of your day? The Elders had touched upon its importance earlier but I didn’t really understand its true significance until now. This latest update is short, to the point, and all about focus — its significance, importance, and value. 

    What Perspective Do You Hold

    Maybe you see life in a different way than I do but could we agree to start here – use this as our collective beginning? If what we share doesn’t make sense or align as it might with you, please ask a question or two. Together let’s move a better understanding out into the world and consider this as our starting point. You see, setting your focus in an intentional way is good to do as you begin your day. To make a meaningful impact on how the day is to unfold. So you are able to see things and this life differently. 

    And honestly, the only way you will know if what the Elders suggest is true for you is to engage in the premise they suggest. Listen to the insight given so you can see if it aligns or resonates with you. Once you align from your heart space, ask. If you get the sense or discern this to be so, then might you give it a try? You’ll feel its significance when your life shifts and changes occur in the way your day progresses. See what this one new step will do for you when introduced and put into play. 

    Let’s Consider Focus

    So, first, let’s consider focus in a different way than perhaps before.

    Focus is that thing you direct all your energy into just for a moment or two. It’s where you might start your day to allow Universe a better understanding of what is wanted. Plan on focusing on those things wanted rather than spending too much time pondering on what you don’t want. That’s what the law of attraction suggests. And when you begin your day by focusing in this way, well, you draw different things to you throughout the day. I certainly know this to be true in my own life. 

    Join Us Next Week

    If you have questions, we’d love to answer them. As mentioned above, there will be a Q&A session next week, July 20th that you can sign up to attend. It will be online via Zoom and begin at noon. This way you can get those answers more readily. Be sure to register today!

    YouTube Blended Here

    So check out our new Youtube video below. Here they suggest how your focus can propel the day in a most significant way. Because you are putting out and drawing back from an intentional space of being. So you expand and grow in a measured and intentional way. 

    I’d never thought about it in quite the way shared here. When you place your focus on what is wanted, at the start of the day, you employ the mystery to see the change that follows. Well, that’s my take anyway. Now listen for yourself to see if you agree. And then let me know what you discover…

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