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Why Is Change so Difficult

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    Why Is Change so Difficult to Enact

    Do you find that change is often hard to enact and difficult to put into cue? Why is that? Why is there difficulty in moving away from one thing that does not offer you what you want? Or to continue living an existence in an unwanted way. Why is it so seemingly difficult to move away from this and toward that? Do you wonder? Would you like to know now?

    We will say that there is much to this thing. It is perhaps the thing that you need to stay focused and affixed to so that you might move beyond this somewhat fluid, but in this case static, occurrence. It is when you do not enlist change a stagnancy results as you remain affixed to what you do not want …. that thing that you would rather not have as a part of your being and world. 

    Move Away from Stagnancy

    We seek to change that today. And do you see that often there are steps that you could take that would move you off and away from that stagnancy so that change might more readily be enacted? You see change can be a very good thing. But it is not seen that way. It is seen as fearful and that thing that does keep one stuck in a path that they know does not serve them in the form in which it is.

    Might Your Perspective Change

    And might you see that all is, in a manner of speaking, how you see things. For if you saw different avenues of possibility here, even this resisted, unwanted thing would change as you would not see it in the limiting way that you did before. 

    Might you fixate upon what is wanted, then move to consider points that might be adopted that would shift that perspective taken? And so might you now consider shift-changing from this to that? It is as if you are putting one foot in front of the other. It is merely moving away from the one and onto the other. Do you see this? 

    Why gravitate toward the fear component? Why not embrace the thrill of what newness might progress from this space forward? Why not focus here instead of there? Do you see? Do you see that change is the initiator of much? It is that different steps allow for different outcomes. They enable much to be seen differently. And when you can look upon the occurrence in another way, rather than the other you can look upon change differently. 

    Take One Step and Then Another

    See it in the manner and guise that is preferred to welcome its opportunities and the possibilities it imparts. And it is simply taking one step and then moving to enlist another. And each will build and grow the entrance that they offer. 

    And isn’t life the mystery you know it to be? If you knew the outcome of each thing you contemplated upon without ever having to enact the many steps to realize it in this physical reality, what value would it hold? Now you are able to create each thing in the wonderment that does exist. Where is the fun, excitement, and challenge of accomplishment? What would be the fun if something were easily manifested without much effort?

    And so this day, know that this thing is meant to be engaged with a quizzical encounter. And so, since you cannot know each outcome first, engage first from the heart space and ask. Ask how this thing would be and if you align with the thoughts you are thinking in a deeper way. Engage so that you might know more of what aligns from that space first before enacting what you seek to bring forward into this physical world. Begin here and not there.

    Now add Universal Love

    And now move with certainty that as you enact and make it manifest that you do so in Love. All things are possible when adding Universal Love. And so, add this into the mix of your equation. In this way, more will be in play this day in a magical and wonderful way.

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