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Is Karma as You Believe


So what is karma? You see, the body is the repository of all feelings. So as your Soul came into this form it did carry with it some of the emotional energetic aspects that originated in other embodiments. Do you choose to accept the constraints of karma as defined by man? You need not.

Might You Trust And Believe

Trust and Believe

Shelf the mind and do move into the sacred space of your heart. Might you trust and believe after you inwardly confirm?

Your Focus is Key


Too often, the mind focuses on life from a position of lack, rather than the abundance offered by the Universe. In that offering, so much can be gleaned, In fact, so much can move from that space into attainment in all things. You came here to experience life. 

Law of Attraction

Attract what you want

Have you been remiss in focusing on what you don’t want, rather than what you do? Many are predominately focused on what they don’t have rather than on the abundance that awaits once you focus upon it.

Where Does the Soul Come From

Our Soul is More than we may believe

Have you wondered about the details of your Soul? What does it mean to have a Soul? How the Soul came into being? Or maybe simply where does the Soul come from? The Elders have shared that we originated from a state of divinity. It was because the Soul didn’t understand an energy that most are now here and living their lives.

3-Minute Backstory – Why You Are Here

Why the Backstory Matters

Have you wondered why you are here? Have you wanted to know the backstory and premise of your purpose? Your purpose is, quite simply, why you came here. But why are you still here? The Elders share a short, 3-minute accounting of just that. It’s the backstory to your purpose-driven premise. Might you read on?

Make this Your Final Incarnation

Last Incarnation

Are you ready to make this the last incarnation by intending to make this your final embodiment? It’s all about what you want this life to be and how you want things to come in and flow to you. Set the intention for more to become known if you want this to be the last round of lifetimes experienced here. Make this incarnation all that it can be as you move to bring about all your Soul had wanted to accomplish and now know.

Find Yourself and Why You’re Here

Who Am I?

Is it time to know yourself a bit better? Is it time to find yourself in a big-picture sort of way? That’s a big objective for me as I’m all about inner discovery. Learning why you’re here and understanding more in this regard is a big deal. Do you wonder, too, how bad occurrences could be a gift? These once seemingly bad things await you unwrapping them. Sometimes they are a great way to redirect you in some form or fashion. Know that their gift awaits your recognition. So I’ll say again, is it time to find yourself and discover why you’re here?

Why Even 1 Hidden Addiction Matters

Hidden Addictions

Do you wonder why hidden addictions matter? Do you wonder why they are important to discover and how you can get about releasing them? Let’s back up a bit, so share why you are here. You see, it’s all about your purpose in the end. So that’s where we’ll start…