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Choices and All They Produce

Choices are Key

Do you recognize how your choices have led you to where you are today? To read this post was a choice. Do you also realize how one choice can change the trajectory of where you might otherwise be?

Might You Frame Your Day

Aladin's lamp

Do you frame your day? Do you let the day know what you expect from it? Do you set intentions and qualify all? With this in mind, when you awaken, sit with thoughts of wonderment and awe. Give points of gratitude and cite the outcomes you seek to occur in your upcoming day and then move from that point into your actual day.

Your Perception is Key

perspective and clarity

Interpretations are significant, but are they accurate? Your perception is key. What you believe matters more than you may currently realize.

Love Impacts All

Love is the Underlying Key

Do you recognize that Love impacts all things? Do you see how this is the missing ingredient within the mix of a day? Do you agree that this energy can transform and change your life? And here we refer to Universal Love.

What’s Your Purpose


Do you know your purpose? Have you heard someone speak about how to discover their life’s passion, mission, or purpose? Some also refer to this as their reason for being. Quite simply, it’s the reason you living here today.

Is the Law of Attraction Real

The Law of Attraction

Is the Law of Attraction real? Is it as it seems to be? How can you know for sure? And if it is real, how do you attract what you want sooner rather than later? Start by deciding to move forward as you determine to move closer to what you want. What does it mean to move forward in this way? Is it a physical step, or is it an intentional movement to become more aligned with what you came to do or be?

What is Present Moment Awareness

Present Moment Awareness

So what does “Being in the Now” or present moment awareness mean? This is when you are meant to pause and recognize where you are in life. Where you are and what you are doing as you live in the now-ness of this life experience.

Tell the Day What You Want

What do you want

Might you tell the day what you want it to manifest? Tell the day what you want as you move to enact more. Know that this day holds an energetic key or pattern unlike any other. Might you provide direction to your day as you feel your way?

Unlimited Potential


Do you realize that you have unlimited potential? Do you realize that you are limitless? The limitations you experience are those which are self-imposed. There are no limitations but those you choose to embrace. All potentialities are limitless.

Change Your Perceptions

change perceptions

Interpretations are significant. Are your interpretations, known as perceptions accurate? Your perception matters. When with another, do you ask for clarification when you’re unsure of what was being said? In such conversations, are they talking about you or thinking about themselves?