Why Even 1 Hidden Addiction Matters

Hidden Addictions

Do you wonder why hidden addictions matter? Do you wonder why they are important to discover and how you can get about releasing them? Let’s back up a bit, so share why you are here. You see, it’s all about your purpose in the end. So that’s where we’ll start…

Are Those You Dislike a Mirror

Mirror Image

Do you wonder why another person does as they do? Or, why do their actions and your beliefs about what they do, connect to you so viscerally? Could they be acting as a mirror? A mirror to see what you could not see without them? Is this possible? Have you heard about this mirror image concept before?

An Unscripted Road Trip

Unscripted road trip

Have you ever considered living an unscripted life? Have you ever pondered living life in a way that isn’t as the mind suggests? Have you ever wondered and then connected to your heart space to begin a new adventure? And what about your purpose? Is it time to consider this life differently? I’ve just returned from a 6-week unscripted road trip. And I’ve got a lot to share. 

Why Recognition Matters and Is So Important

Recognition is key

Do you wonder about recognition and why it’s so important? Do you wonder why it matters in such a big-picture sort of way? Here we’ve suggested that hidden addictions are what you might choose now to recognize and why these little or big things need to be recognized in this way.

Do you have Hidden Addictions

Promo with testimonial

Last year, I received an update that until now I wasn’t up to sharing. It’s the video you’re about to see. It’s about addiction and how many addictive cravings occur. What I know is that many times, addictions result from an outside source. This source wants to feel an energy they cannot create alone. This […]

Who Am I? Why Am I Here? | 6 Keys to True Identity

Light energy existential image of galaxy and stars

Do you recognize your true identity or simply wonder, Who am I and why am I here? Do you know who you really are or why you are here? Recognize you are not merely the body form you see in the mirror each day. Recognize you are so much more than your physical being. That’s what the Elders share in today’s update.

This New Year & Fearless Podcast

2023 New Year Resolution

I always look forward to New Year’s activities. The many resolutions that result and the clean slate each new year suggests. As you look at your objectives do you add lifestyle choices, career goals, or personal transformative objectives to your list? And if personal transformative steps aren’t on your list, do you understand the value of incorporating them there? If you start by getting to the core issues that define you and moving from there, do you see how everything else moves with you? So if you buoy up this one thing, then the others are buoyed up too.

Alchemy & Elixirs, Part 2

Alchemy & Elixirs text

Do you know what it means when the Elders discuss elixirs in relation to a recent post asking Are You an Alchemist? Now they discuss a magical substance. It can bring more into your life than you might currently believe. Ingest an elixir to feel its marvelous healing qualities. You can heal and restore your body when charging your own elixir to do so. Create it with energy infused by your hands. What was once simply water now becomes so much more.

A Long-Ago Story and Your Meditational Practice

The Elders share the value of developing and maintaining your meditational practice. They’ve recommended this developing or shoring up your practice. We’ve even shared a 10-Step practice so your steps and practice can transform the way your life unfolds. So that you have the means to experience the best life. In today’s update, they share the details of my Soul’s initial incarnation. It was this first life experience that established how subsequent incarnations would progress. You see, this first life experience ended quite unexpectedly. You’ve probably read or heard the Elders suggest establishing your meditational practice before. They do so because this is quite simply the best way to keep negative mental chatter in check.