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Make this Your Final Incarnation

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    Last Incarnation

    Are you ready to make this the last incarnation? Do so by intending this to be your final embodiment. It’s all about what you want this life to be and how you want things to come in and flow to you. Set the intention for more to become known if you want this to be the last round of lifetimes experienced here. Make this incarnation all that it might and will be as you move to bring about what your Soul had wanted to accomplish and now know.

    Final Incarnation

    It is here on Earth where you’ll discover the endgame that revolutionizes how you see this life and its associated perspectives. Dive deep to experience the purpose of this physical journey as you re-discover why you are here, the original purpose, its value, and how to break the agreement that may still be underway today. This agreement is what currently binds you to yet another life experience. Break its tethering hold when you satisfy the objective sought, completing full circle what was once begun.

    Gain the benefits of knowing what is underfoot. In bridging the physical with the non-physical world, insights are more readily available to advance your objectives. In this bridging of consciousness, you’ll soon find your purpose by un-layering energy that will enable a bubbling up to activate and reconnect you to what was once known.  

    Still the Mind

    Do you recognize that by stilling your mind, more might be seen? When moving about and not recognizing what is before you, we might suggest that you focus upon the heart space and move in that aligned way rather than in any other.

    As you still and slow the mind, new insights will appear. Look for what was previously unseen and not recognized from a mental posture. Utilize deep breathing or some other practice recommended to give that mental pause as you seek more clarity.

    Find Your Purpose

    Find your purpose and discover the initiative your Soul set up once upon a time. Set the stage to discover what was not originally understood. Relinquish the tethering component that keeps you bound to reincarnate until you find what was wanted to become known.

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