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    Seek Alignment

    Seek Alignment

    Do you know that one’s alignment is key to their being able to accomplish this, that, or the other? Do you see that your accomplishments are achieved through alignment with what is intentionally and internally sought? Therefore, it is most critical to determine what you want so that you can place your focus there and move in a very specific way. One that will yield the best and most preferred results.

    Also, did you know that gratitude is not only felt in this physical realm but also in the spiritual one? I hear the Elders and my Soul offer their gratitude often. It’s something I honestly didn’t know or expect to hear. And it brings me to tears when I hear them express the gratitude they feel and how they feel in that non-physical space. It’s such a gift.

    They speak on the awareness we gain while in this physical space. Awareness and understanding are the key components here for we are the feet on the ground. We’re the ones that make things happen. It is through the desires we put into play that more will be. You see, we are the ones who enact what is desired to be known and wanted. 

    Greater Purpose

    So your Soul has wanted to understand some energy and you are the means of recognizing this discovery. Until we connect to what is truly sought, then we remain tethered to this space. It is as simple as that.

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    Your greater purpose is that thing desired to be understood by your Soul. It can be as simple or complex as you want to make it.


    Know too, that there is always more to be contemplated upon by the mind. You see, if we were to know all, well, we wouldn’t be here. Ha. We would be in another dimensionality. For the mind cannot grasp all there is. It would not allow that entrance in. That’s why it judges as it does. It blocks what it cannot conceptualize and restricts the more that always exists so that you might be free of the grip of being in this physical space.

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