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Engage Love

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    Engage Love
    Women having a time meditating on the beach

    Have you considered engaging Love into the world today? If you wonder what could be done from such a fractured state consider what can be engaged in an uplifting sort of way. We will say, fractured in such a way unimaginable even mere months ago. You see, this energy has been brewing for quite some time. And so what might be done to help in the dissipation and the revitalization of all that has come before? 

    Recognize the energy now is not as it once was. Much has changed over time and will there ever be the same dynamics in existence as you once knew them to be? We would say, no. For how can this be when so many things are not as they were before?

    Move Universal Love into this World

    Recognize in this time, as you seek more, you must take more insightful steps. How might you become the change that is sought? Take steps to move from any mental posturing and perhaps mixed with a degree of angst, to align differently. See Universal Love as energy in form. Take this energy and pour it into the world you see. 

    Might you imagine a golden-white light infusing the world with its all-healing component? Energize, activate, and infuse this energy into the world of form in this way. Activate it, too, to infuse and fill your individual form. Feel it now as you recognize how God, Universe, Source Energy feels toward each of its beloved creations. Feel the totality of this Love as it moves around and through this planet. This is the greatest gift you can give to each one and oneself during this time of uncertainty. For you see, much remains in flux and flow.

    Seek to bring its all-healing energy into the current dynamic at play today. Seek this alignment as you enter into meditation, contemplation, prayer, or however you define that time of mental stillness. Bring this all-nourishing energy elixir into the mix of your day. Enlist its energy to move mental mountains. It can become the connective catalyst to what is lacking at this time.

    Feel Universal Love for yourself during the process and in the practice you establish. Integrate it and seek to become that Love. Then when you move amongst others, they will feel the energy you hold. Move first to become anchored. And too, always enlist the current-day measures recommended to maintain the personal safety of your physical form.

    Seek to enlist and out-picture Universal Love this day. 

    And so it is.

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