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    Book Club Series - Advanced Energetics - Discover the Elders - Find Your Purpose

    In last week’s post, you may have seen the brief mention of our upcoming book club. The Awaken Book Club Series will soon be underway so that questions can be addressed and discussed among online participants. We’ll meet on Zoom weekly, and it all begins tomorrow! Please join us on Monday, August 14 at 7 PM EST for our first 2023 book club meeting. Let’s kick off this series by having you in attendance! If this sounds intriguing, let me provide some additional details. This way, you’ll know how things will work, what you’ll need, and why it is a must-do activity.  

    I’ll begin by saying these books are your roadmap to activate the best life. They are also the definitive means to navigate through life in the most effective way. You weren’t intended to reincarnate here forever and ever. You were meant to garner an understanding and then return to life before this existence. You were never intended to be a permanent resident here as some may currently believe. So how do you move into new understandings and garner those insights effectively?

    Buy Our Books

    The first step is to buy our books. They are your best resource as there is nothing comparable to them on the market today. Won’t you invest in yourself in this way? These books are the means to accomplish all you might want to do and be in this life. Isn’t this the time to kickstart significant understandings and move them into motion? Consider this as the perfect time to enact your purpose, transform your life, and enjoy those gifts that are yours to claim. This is how to embrace the life of your dreams. Find out for yourself when you read and enact the steps outlined in their pages.

    And if you’ve bought one book, what about the other? We recommend you read them both in tandem. You see, the objective of Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change is to heal and restore your body. You’ll also be given steps to reset your subconscious back to its Universal design. But you can’t just read their words, you must enact them too. As you practice the recommended steps, you can then move into a greater ability to discover your purpose. It’s the reason you are here living in this space. So now add purpose to the equation of your life.

    After you secure your copies, begin reading one book and then pivot to the other. We suggest starting with Awaken and then moving to The Greater Purpose. This will allow you time to process what you’ve enacted. Remember these are not merely books to read. They require action too. So when you need to process or practice as you move through the Awaken book, turn to the other purpose-driven book to allow your body to process, release, and receive more. And please understand, that you’re not simply reading their words – you’re changing energy within your system. You are transforming, shifting, and changing energy throughout this time. 

    Join the Awaken Book Club

    Join our Book club

    Our book club is launching with the premise that at long last, now is the perfect time to find your purpose. And this book club is the means to do just that. So ask questions and find a community of support and understanding. It’s your time to take the time to engage in measures that will allow you to see this life differently. Move out of mental banter, as you disengage the tethering component that has kept you (and your Soul) bound here. This combination guides you to the most effective means to stop the rounds of incarnation. Now get about enacting what your Soul came here to understand.

    Know too, that you are not meant to race through these pages. Move into a means of connection and discovery. Read as much or as little content as there is no timetable here. You can be anywhere within the pages of either book. Ask questions so you might perceive and receive more.

    Wherever you are within one of our books, when a question pops into play, highlight it, and ask about it when we meet. Also, please listen keenly to others who have questions. This will allow for new considerations to grow and flourish within.

    During our time together, set the intention to move the mind off and away. Move it onto an imaginary shelf adjacent to you. And always, begin from the heart space. Seek to engage with purposeful intention. Move beyond the mental constructs and their constraints so that greater clarity exists.

    Take a moment to look through some basic guidelines, so we can all begin on the same page. Then look for your Zoom link to arrive shortly after you sign up. If you don’t receive an email, let us know at

    An Ongoing Objective

    This book club will be held each Monday for ninety (90) minutes. Although the day of the week or time may change, we want to establish a foundational platform of stability, constancy, and service. Yet always seek confirmation within to know if you are moving in lockstep with your higher self. Check in routinely to make sure you are on the best pathway. Do so when pausing in contemplation or meditation. Engage heart space aha moments, not mental ones. Do you know the difference?

    Our intention is to host this book club for as long as there is a compelling reason to do so. You are that reason. We hold this objective as a sacred privilege and are honored to do so.

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