What is Ego

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    What is ego? Is it what you hear playing in your head when you stop to listen? The mind engages and processes logical thoughts. It moves in a manner that occurs in a sequence or flow. Whereas the ego inserts, interjects, and presents an idea or consideration seemingly out of nowhere.

    As you discern what is occurring within, do consider you have many unseen occupants that engage and may wage a battle for thought supremacy. In the war of words, ego loves to have the last word. Does it wage a measured, more balanced response to most queries? Or does it quip, insert, and interject without any rhyme or reason?

    We will say to pause and listen to the volume you hear within your head. Is the voice loud, boisterous, and most assertive? If so, this is ego. But if the voice you hear is meek, mild, and measured, well, that is something else. Insights given here are softly spoken and almost hard to hear. Listen closely as you seek to engage with this more measured voice. Do so over the egoic grandstander. Use your discernment to determine what is in play in this way.

    Ego-ic Choices

    ego - what drives your thoughts?

    Do you recognize that your ego influences much within your life? It orchestrates from how you dress to the car you drive. Do you see how your choices make such a big difference in how you move forward and take steps within this life? You see, it can make you feel unhappy when you don’t choose its offerings. When you minimize or scrimp, is that something that it agrees with or are other more ego-ic options considered? What drives your thoughts?

    Your Purpose

    We want you to realize that all of these things are meant to distract and lead you away from what you once wanted to know. Recognize that your purpose is the thing that fueled the objective to be in this physical domain. It is why you are here. Know that you will be here indefinitely. You will be here until this purposeful objective becomes oh-so-important once again. Know and be in that space of loving embrace. Be in that league of understanding. Discover why you are here when you get about the once-upon-a-time intentions orchestrated by your Soul.

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