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Are You an Alchemist, Part 1

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    Are You An Alchemist?

    Do you consider yourself an alchemist? Do you consider yourself a master alchemist? Maybe it would be helpful to define alchemy as defined here. You see, it’s the means to bring forward your best life and all that might be. Consider alchemy as another means of enacting true manifestation.

    As you aspire to be the conscious creator of your life, an alchemist, or even the master alchemist, this means enlisting personal transformation is available to you. Consider that you may already be an alchemist but just don’t know it. Become that master alchemist who manifests all with purpose, clarity, and intent.

    As an Alchemist

    You can heal and restore your body too when you enlist the right steps. An alchemist does just that. The true alchemist chooses certain ingredients so that they manifest the best outcome. Aren’t you doing that when you engage the steps provided by the Elders? I know their steps have made a difference in my life and suspect that they have done the same for you when you employ them.

    As you delve and dive into this life, know that you can shift-change any component in play. Do so by making different choices or enlisting different ingredients into the mix of your day. Bring in certain components to enhance all you want to manifest. Elect and add more to your life by choosing ingredients that enrich it and benefit you and the world as a whole. In doing so, you become more than you perhaps were earlier today.

    So how do others define alchemy? Do they or you delve into Egyptian or Arthurian times? Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table really held my attention and imagination years ago. I remember Merlin and all his crafting works with such fascination. Know that although some of this is simply lore, there are some intrinsic components that you might glean when dipping your toes into some of this.

    How to Manifest the Best Life

    So now if you realize that you are an alchemist, how might you go about manifesting the best life? Is it possible to do that and where might you begin? Again, consider revisiting the 10-Key Steps for Transformative Change. It’s linked at the top of this page. You may be doing many of the steps but do you do them as the Elders suggest? So often, we believe we know all. I know that I know so very little in the real scheme of things. Might you consider that line of thinking too?

    Know that these, and all steps, require not only reading but also enacting the measures they imply. It is by doing that so much more can be accomplished. And that is what the Elders seek to impart.

    You see, I believe we’ve been incarnating here for quite a while. And until we get about why we came here, we will continue to remain tethered to this Earth plane. It’s that we came to understand something that we didn’t quite understand when we were spiritual in form and in being. It was in that space that we wanted to know what something felt like. What it was to do and be in the physicality where we now collectively exist. That’s why we are here. And it’s not about this, that, or the other. It’s simply to know what we couldn’t know before we took form and existed in this physical space.

    So isn’t it time … as the Elders often remind us? Isn’t it time to find your purpose? It’s the reason why you chose to incarnate here initially once upon a time long, long ago?

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