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Life’s Decisions

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    Do the Patients Seem to Run the Asylum in Your Life - Is Ego the Culprit?

    How are decisions in your life being made? Do you feel like the best or highest authority is in control? Or does it feel like the patients are running the asylum? Do you believe certain things must occur before you consider taking more dramatic steps? Do you want to change an undesired situation? Or, perhaps, it is a problem with another person. Do you see how they need to change? You want them to change their steps rather than your own. Why is that?

    Do you see in the need to orchestrate certain things within your life, you’ve neglected to address the elephant in the room? That elephant is ego. Ego and the egoic mind are running amuck when operating this way, oftentimes in plain view. Do you understand how so much mental controversy exists when you enlist life in a reactionary or knee-jerk way?

    It’s like letting the patients run the asylum. The controversy, perceived to be in play, is routinely not supported by facts. Many times these things are merely suppositional. Can you look at the angst which arose and see how these things are triggers for you? Oftentimes, the trigger is unique to you alone.

    Ego is at Play and on Display

    Do you see that ego likes controversy? Ego likes to be nurtured and coddled. Does it also like to rile things up by suggesting things that promote the victimhood its antics suggest? Victimhood serves no one, especially you. Recognize what ego suggests as it moves you in ways not preferred. Repeating and re-engaging stories that are meant to be left in your past is what we discuss here. Move to release those things that serve no purpose other than to engage and enrage.

    Or perhaps there is some great travesty. Someone is doing something that is beyond your ability to look the other way. Or turn the other cheek. This thing must be addressed by engaging in the drama they’ve created. To right their wrong. But what might be done instead?

    Stabilize Your Vessel

    Might you get your vessel righted first? Do you see when you elect to head into troubled waters, provisions, and sustenance need to be procured first? In this way, you stabilize and fortify all considerations that lie ahead. Work to stabilize those things that are essential. Then enlist preparations for those unanticipated occurrences. Those that develop when entering turbulent waters.

    Secure Your Ship

    When insurmountable waves threaten to capsize the vessel, only a competent captain and his qualified and fortified crew can work in tandem to secure the ship. If the captain or his crew are off-their-game just a bit, all can more easily be lost.

    Each is vitally important to the totality of the whole. Think of the captain as the brains and the crew as the body and brawn. Together they lead the ship through rough waters and again back into safe harbors. This is what happens when all components are aligned to operate in a united way — as one whole component. Now they are fortified by decisions made and convicted in the direction elicited. Then better initiatives can be employed and deployed. Success can more readily be accomplished.

    Feed What Fuels You in this Life

    Feed the part of you that does, in essence, fuel you. Do this first. Then better thoughts can gain entrance. This results in the ability to navigate through rough waters. And these better insights bring you to a different level of engagement.

    Now the actions taken are of merit and allow for the best outcome to occur. You see each is most worthy to consider, but we would say to enlist the insights offered by that small, hard-to-hear voice. It provides greater clarity rather than reactionary options.

    Enlist and Engage

    Enlist better options in this way. Then your choices are more grounded. Enlist the choices that may not have been perceived previously. Allow and welcome engagement from the meek small voice.

    Engage with those things that will keep you at the top of your game. These will get you to where you more readily seek to go. In this way, your objectives can be accomplished more quickly. They can seemingly occur in a more effortless way.

    Then you can manifest all you sought to bring forward, as you lovingly engage with each thing a bit differently. Bring the best components into your life as you more easily navigate through the choppy waters found in this day.

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