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Part 3 – Finding Your Purpose

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    Finding purpose

    This third post on finding your purpose is a bit tricky. You see, many people know they are meant to figure out what their purpose is. However, few know they are here to initiate a vaster, more inclusive one. Let’s call that one your original purpose. You could also term it your Soul’s purpose or reason for being. You could also term it the greater purpose.

    Within this life, you also have a current life purpose that was devised before you were born. But let’s begin another way. Let’s go back to why you are here…

    Why Are You Here

    As stated in the last post, we chose to come into human form to experience life on this planet. We did that to better understand some energetic component and its uniqueness. We wanted to understand and feel what was not fully understood before embodying here. It’s why we originally came and incarnated on this planet. 

    So what about this original purpose? You know, the one you set up prior to your first embodiment. What about that original one, as well as the current one you’re to accomplish now? Is this old hat or is some of this new to you?  

    The purpose that’s in play today is a component of the original one. Discover the more broad-based intention your Soul set up prior to your first incarnation. Here’s the first thing I’d recommend doing to start the ball rolling. Develop a practice to still and slow your mind. This will allow you to establish an inner connection more easily. This is where you’ll be getting your answers. So be sure to keep thoughts positive and reframe the thoughts you are thinking if they need an adjustment.

    Your Purpose is Energy

    Your purpose is an energy you are to create. You didn’t know how something really felt when you were not yet physical. So, you chose to embark on a physical experience to understand what you wanted to know more deeply. You came here to create something. In the creation of the thing, you would need Earth’s densities to find and feel what you sought to more uniquely know. Your purpose is an energy you sought to create and feel while living on this planet. To discover and understand what you didn’t know when ethereal or spiritually placed. The creation or thing you were to create is merely a byproduct of the energy you sought to create when in the creation of the thing.

    Injustice and Truth

    Your current life purpose is a component of the overarching, original one. The one you devised earlier. So, what are the dynamics of your original purpose? For example, my life purpose for this lifetime was to understand truth. In order to understand its energy, you have to know its opposite or opposing energy. This means I also had to experience and understand its converse energy.

    To explain this more plainly, I’ve experienced some major injustices. They were also big life occurrences that shifted my life dramatically. These undesired, unwanted experiences allowed me to understand its contrasting component. How do you know the full depth of what is wanted without knowing its opposing energy? 

    Even though I felt embattled, deceived, and hopelessly adrift in each of them, I needed at least one of them to discover more. I needed the countermeasure to what I sought to know. Do you see the gift given here?

    Let’s say these experiences allowed me to know the energetic converse of truth. In each, I deeply felt the effects of deceit, betrayal, and treachery. Do you wonder why I mapped out more than one bad life event?  Did I want to prove something during the planning process when I created nuances for this life? Maybe. Yet I’ll say today, I’d certainly prefer to have only had to experience one of them.

    Do bad things occur to you too? Do you find you don’t just have one big, bad thing happen but more negative occurrences than you’d care to admit? It’s funny how it goes…

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