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Part 4 – Finding Your Purpose

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    Finding Your Purpose - part 4

    Are you ready to learn more about your purpose? I’ll start by saying that sometimes you can do everything to the best of your ability and you still won’t be able to please certain people. Maybe it’s fair to say adversarial characters come into our lives for a purpose. Yes, these individuals are bothersome and certainly might oppose your every move, yet could it be that they also offer innate benefits? Is change the objective? Could you say that Universe has other plans for you? Are you being coaxed to move differently? Perhaps this is the means taken to reroute or redirect your future steps. If you simply focus on the negative aspects, you have neglected to connect with the others. Maybe there are positive points too. You see there is a gift here.

    I’ll call certain life choices missteps and reference those individuals who make life difficult as being course correctors. Through the adversarial energy created, they offer a means of course correction. They motivate us to change the direction contemplated or the course taken. They motivate us to look for another avenue to employ.

    Recognize Course Corrections 

    These people seem to push us to make that needed change. They motivate us to move out of a difficult job, a conflicted marriage, or some other oppositional activity. They course-correct us back to the trailhead. These key players minimize the detour we might have otherwise taken. They move us back toward our inwardly-held goal. We can begin again in this way. Now we can look to find better feeling options.

    We simply have to get past our ego’s tongue-lashing and the mind’s incessant banter. Ha. Sometimes that’s a weighty task. When life delivers that sucker punch, we can either lament over our bruised ego or look again to see the gift that was given. This gift moves us from complacency toward something more.

    Original Purpose

    So what about the premise of the original purpose? My original purpose was to know Service. It is the overarching objective I sought to more deeply understand. But do you also see how truth is a component of ServiceService encompasses truth. I look at Service as I would a wheel. Truth is simply one of its many spokes.

    Now that you are aware of having an original purpose, you can decide if this premise resonates with you. If so, you’ll want to get about to discover what your original purpose is and how to reconnect with its long-held mission. Find it and even get about understanding more.

    Our Next Book

    I’m in the process of finalizing our next book. (This book is available now and is The Greater Purpose. ) It outlines understandings regarding your original purpose and more specific measures to undertake and how to discover what can’t be readily seen. Rediscover the steps and the understandings we’ve lost over time because they’ve remained present but not visible in the physicality in which we live.

    Some of us have been incarnating here for quite some time. We’ve forgotten why we’re here. And that makes it difficult to recognize what isn’t readily seen. In fact, it’s hard to detect any of this when we have a racing mind or when engaged in this or that drama. When we hold thoughts that are less-than, it’s harder to climb out of the hole we’ve dug for ourselves. Lesser thoughts oppress rather than uplift or inspire. 

    These posts are meant to provide a lifeline to those who are in search of more. They are also meant to allow each in search of more that there is more to be discovered. And you can access what you are in search of more easily today than yesterday. 

    Develop Your Practice

    Start today to fortify or develop your practice. Still or slow your mind so that you can connect to discover your original purpose or anything else you seek. Look at life in the wonderment of a child. Look in a quizzical way through less judging eyes. Read our books, check out the Advanced Energetics’ YouTube channel, search, and access the Elders’ insights on all of these platforms.

    And remember, always seek more. Know that more is always given in response to what is focused upon and deeply desired.

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