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Still or Slow the Mind, Untether it

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    Still or Slow the Mind

    Have you ever tried to meditate but couldn’t still or slow the mind? Have you ever tried to feel the alignment that moves you to connect with the day in the best way? You see the Elders routinely discuss the importance of alignment and here’s what you might want to consider. It’s to realize that when you are learning how to do something, you may need to take extra steps initially to develop the ability to do what they suggest.

    You see, when you try anything new, give it time to make sure you develop the skill to do the steps suggested. Work at it until you get it to work for you. In other words, when you’re developing a muscle, you have to work at implementing a protocol or procedure. You have to develop a consistent and steady routine. When working with weights, you can’t expect to lift 80 lbs. on the first attempt. You have to work up to it. And the outcome is developing that muscle. You have to adopt the right posture to not injure your back. You have to develop a consistent practice to implement anything that will build your ability to do what you couldn’t accomplish before.

    Still or Slow the Mind

    Today’s update is about releasing a tethering aspect in place currently. This tethering component pops the mind back in when you try to move it away. The Elders suggest an alternative method to placing the mind on the conveyer belt method suggested so that you can keep the mind from bouncing back into play. The result is for the stilling or slowing of your mind to occur.

    This is a solution to test out for those who do not meditate because they cannot stop that mental chatter. This meditation will help with that. Now you’ll be taking steps to allow for a meaningful connection to be experienced because you are untethering the mind. 

    The meditation also suggests that your alignment is oh-so-critical. That’s why you want to sit in a posture that will allow for the best connection. Remember, once you get your practice in hand, then you can align with another posture. Test multiple ones out to see what works for you.

    Take deep breaths to employ a centeredness of being. The Elders frequently discuss deep breathing and breathwork. The Awaken book is a great resource you might check it out if you want more insights here as It can also help slow a racing heart, lull you to sleep, or take on new understandings.

    Begin from the Heart Space

    I’d like to point out that each time you want to establish that inner connection, it would be most beneficial to do so beginning from the heart space. The Elders make this suggestion again in today’s video. Since they’ve made this recommendation numerous times, know that it’s up to each of us to remember and implement those steps as they don’t always reiterate the same insights each time they share. Find what works best for you and stay with it for a while to expand and grow your practice.

    Employ their guided meditation to still and slow the mind and its mental chatter. In their update, the Elders suggest that we might also install a cloaking device so that the mental box cannot be seen (or heard) for a time. Yet a tethering aspect remains. 

    I experienced the tethering aspect. So what does tethering mean? Think about your smartphone and how it tethers wifi energetically. But what about a rubberband? You can stretch a rubber band and extend it just so far. When you release it, it comes back to its original size and springs itself back into place. I think about the rubberband’s elasticity in relation to tethering. So instead of seeing a chain, see an elastic tethering device that springs the mental aspect back into play and place. This meditation would be most helpful for you to routinely test out how it works for you. 

    Know that you always control both methods. The cloaking device and/or tethering device can be used, turned on or off, and implemented to move the mind away for a time. Use these practices whether you want a break from the chatter giving a little relief from what the mind seems to endlessly offer. Now let’s watch the self-guided meditation to still or slow the mind.

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