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What do Dreams Mean Spiritually?

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    What do dreams mean spiritually?

    What do Dreams Mean? Have you Wondered?

    Do you dream? Do you remember your dreams? Do you realize that dreams are a means of giving you real moment updates as to how you are doing and if you are on track … spiritually? They give you a quick assessment of how you are progressing – maybe that day or maybe for a longer clip of time. But how would this help and how do you figure out what your dreams really mean?

    I’ve asked this myself lately and even found a mineral stone that I’ve placed on my nightstand that seems to help me recall my dreams. Before this, I found they slipped in and out so quickly during that in-between time that I really couldn’t tell you what was what. I seemed to have a really hard time remembering them.

    So I bought this quartz stone and wow, it made a difference in recalling and retaining more dream details. Maybe you don’t know the value of a dream… When I was little, my mother used to ask me about my dreams and after hearing one, she would interpret it for me. Her interpretations never made much sense then and now I know why. Dreams are quite specific as they are a means to know where you are in your life – individually and currently. They help you know if you are navigating this life appropriately. If you wonder if you’re taking the right steps, and if you are moving in the right direction, you might want to pay close attention to the guidance you’re getting from your dreams. And of course, all of this works in concert with finding your purpose —  your bigger life objective. 

    You are the Best Interpreter of Your Dreams

    Since my Mom’s interpretations were based on her understandings, her progress, and her path, they didn’t correlate with my journey. Her roadmap wasn’t mine. So I’ll say that although someone may offer to interpret your dreams for you, you will not get an accurate portrayal of what you might otherwise glean when you do. Don’t delegate away something that can only be done by you. If you do, you will get an understanding that has been filtered by the mind of another. 

    If you currently are not using your own dreams as a guidepost and you’d like to do so, consider beginning from the heart space. Begin there and ask how these dreams might enlighten you. I’ve had some interesting dreams lately and once I played with its meaning in a whimsical sort of way, I could see more clearly what it had suggested. One recent dream showed me that I’d been taking some steps in a rote or more routine manner, and I realized that I wasn’t living within present-moment awareness during those times. I had been operating in a mental space then. Not all day but in big chunks of time when I’d been working in my yard. Had I been present, I may have seen more of the beauty that surrounded me rather than the mental dialogue that consumed my time at that time. 

    I’d missed a beautiful opportunity because it was a beautiful day. And so recognize that these are just a snapshot of what might have been a bit better to engage or to shift you to more in alignment with where you once sought to go. Don’t beat yourself up over missteps but know that these snapshots or short video clips are meant to give you guidance for where you are within your own life journey.

    Sit in Meditation or Contemplation

    When you want to get a periodic update as to where you are within your life journey, you can also get them when you sit with a request in meditation or in contemplation. Do you take the time to enact this step? It’s a good idea to do so often. And doing so is always recommended. It could be the reason you sit in meditation today. It will certainly be the main focus of my meditative time today.

    So where are you on your journey? Sit in meditation or contemplate to find out. These sorts of reflections are a good thing to do as they will assess where you are and what might be shifted so that your days are better and more productively inspired. Then you can shift what you’re doing if it is off-course or adrift of what otherwise might be. Allow your life to unfold as you desire it to be out-pictured. Then you move in concurrence with your purpose and the life of your dreams can spring forward as a result of that.

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