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When to Change the Prescription

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    Change is the Key

    Do you see change in your future? Do you see its importance? And do you believe that everything worth discovering has been realized? Recognize there are still many discoveries yet to be made. We find that often, individuals become mired in information as if all were static. Recognize when to employ change.

    But information, life, and all are not static as you know. Everything here is in a constant state of flux. Even what seems to be solid is not and are light patterns repeated so quickly they appear to be solid. But rocks are merely energy in a different form.

    You have heard this, and we know that you understand how all constantly changes and that is a good thing because it means that nothing is fixed. You do not need to be concerned as deeply with disease and such when accessing the right tools. In this way, you can move disease out before it has a stronghold on the body. Truly less medication and more mind stimulation are what we will say. Use discernment in your dealings.

    When Your Symptoms Change …

    If you were to advise the doctor that your symptoms had changed and he advised no differently, what does this tell you? It tells you that ego has taken hold, and it is no longer about the patient, it is about control. It is about ego. It is no longer about the very person and people they were to serve. So always follow your inner direction. For you see, if a doctor does not adjust remedies around advancements in the condition, then they are not serving you.

    Be present, be aware … be discerning. Trust by seeking counsel within and get other opinions if you have questions that create doubts. Begin to trust what you feel and then believe in yourself and in Universe.

    We do see and understand how this sort of work must stay within the realm of service to others. This practice is a means of service to humanity. When it becomes more about serving self, well, then each individual must become centered and recognize that they then serve no one.

    Life is Precious

    Life is very precious and so much is taken for granted. Some become self-absorbed and do not fully recognize how all are connected. They may know this at inner levels, or inwardly, but for now, are choosing to keep much at bay and focus on “How does this help me”, “How am I being served” or “How would this look?” Yet their mantra might best be “How can I work in service to another?”

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