How Do You Awaken – Are You Ready?

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    What Does it Mean to Awaken

    Many seek to become awakened today. So what does it mean to be awakened? Or more importantly, what does that understanding mean to you? Many would like to connect the dots and know a bit more than what they can see and touch in this reality. You see, many individuals want to become more self-aware. And the Elders want to assist them to find what they are in search of. I believe it’s all about finding the way back to your true reality and discovering more. 

    The Elders start by asking you to set the intention to consciously connect to your Soul’s presence. Don’t overthink it – just set the intention that you want to connect to your Soul. Do it routinely and make it an intention that you grow. Strengthen this ability like you would a muscle.

    They suggest you connect to your higher presence routinely. If you desire to grow that connection, just set the intention to do so. And really, it’s the means to connect more easily when accessing the best guidance and direction. Because of this, the Elders suggest you establish the means to establish a connection to that higher part of you. By doing so, you can garner greater insights than through the mind.


    They suggest connecting to that higher part of you. Take this step to discover and learn more. This is how to speed up and connect more readily to your purpose – your Soul’s purpose. It’s your reason for being here on this Earth journey. 

    And when connecting to that higher part of you, you can begin to awaken to those greater objectives that were originally sought to be understood by your Soul. As your perspectives change, you begin to view life differently. You awaken in the process. 

    Our book – Awaken

    You might also check out Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change. I’ve been told it’s the best self-help book on the market. But you decide and then let me know your thoughts. It’s available on Amazon and is sure to make a significant change to your life as you release negative energy in the process. I’m referencing energy that has been trapped or stored. It is the beginning of disease and illness in the body. Release it today so that your later years are more carefree and pain-free.

    So recognize that your Soul is pure energy. But here on this physical quadrant, we have the ability to feel. And it’s the ability to feel that makes this experience so meaningful. Discover the objective your Soul wanted to understand.

    You see, there was an energy that it did not understand before becoming earthbound. Something it didn’t understand prior to entering into this Earth experience. 

    You are the one who can put this objective into motion. You can enact what your Soul seeks and has sought to know. Access that navigational instruction by connecting to your Soul.

    Use the soul-u-tions your Soul will recommend when you establish a means to do so. These solutions are long-term remedies rather than quick fight-or-flight responses. They will work for your long-term betterment as opposed to quick knee-jerk solutions. These are the ones you really want because they will be meaningful and last. More so than what the mind might suggest. Mental instruction will only get you so far. 

    Begin by bringing this ability into being. Clear and still the mind through meditation so that you can navigate a bit differently than before. Seek to grow your innate abilities by developing that muscle. Seek to grow what you do not know by moving into greater alignment with your Soul so that more might be this day.

    Now let’s listen to what the Elders share …

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