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Choose Wisely

Choose Wisely

Do you choose wisely? What about your dietary choices? It’s so important to eat those things that are beneficial to your body. Give it the fuel that it needs to carry you to your next accomplishment.

Choices and All They Produce

Choices are Key

Do you recognize how your choices have led you to where you are today? To read this post was a choice. Do you also realize how one choice can change the trajectory of where you might otherwise be?

All are the One

Know that all are the One

Do you recognize that you are a part of the one? Do you realize that there is no separateness? And with that understanding firmly affixed, let’s focus on YOU. You in the sense of who are you and why is “You” such a separate or individual concept? For you see, You are not You as there is, You and You & Me. For we are (as we have said before) all connected and there is no separateness.

Your Perception is Key

perspective and clarity

Interpretations are significant, but are they accurate? Your perception is key. What you believe matters more than you may currently realize.

Are You Open to Change

Open to Change

Do you see and expect change to be a part of your future? Do you see its significance? Do you believe that everything worth discovering has already been realized? Recognize there are still many discoveries yet to be made. We find that often, individuals become mired in information as if all were static. Recognize when to employ change.

Change Your Perceptions

change perceptions

Interpretations are significant. Are your interpretations, known as perceptions accurate? Your perception matters. When with another, do you ask for clarification when you’re unsure of what was being said? In such conversations, are they talking about you or thinking about themselves?

Choices and Their Ordering


Do you see how your choices impact your world? And when you chose one objective over another, change their ordering, how you impact what flows back to you? Do you recognize that if you remove negative energy from your life that less negativity will arrive at your door? You see the law of attraction explains why and how this is to be.

Heal Your Broken Heart

Broken Heart Meditation

Have you wanted to expand the way you see things or perhaps heal a broken heart? Here, the Elders give the means to bring in Light Energy so that you can heal, restore, and make whole that which is diminished right now.

Restore Wholeness Meditation


We introduced an understanding to restore the wholeness sought by your Soul. Did you wonder how you might bring this much-desired wholeness in? The meditation we shared then and again here will help shed more light on how to achieve this objective. Because of its importance, we’ve circled back around to it. Engage this meditation as a means of restoration as you set the intention to restore wholeness.

Do You Feel Off – the Best Way to Restore Wholeness

when off, seek wholeness

Do you feel off, out of sorts, or like something’s missing? Do you sometimes wonder why things don’t add up, or why you don’t comprehend something others seem to grasp rather easily? Do you recognize a need to regain wholeness? See these things as a means of recognition for what was once complete and whole. Resolve and bring greater clarity into play. In this way, you are able to easily plug the gaps and make this life easier, more effortless, and carefree.