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Revealing the Premise of Your Purpose Meditation: Unlocking the Key to Fulfillment

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    the premise of your purpose.  Key to fulfillment.

    In any meditation, do you recognize the importance of sitting in stillness and clearing your mind? Stilling and slowing the mind is critically important. This premise of your purpose meditation is intended to enlighten as to the reason why your Soul chose to incarnate here. It is the basic understanding you’ll want to consider. The premise of your purpose is more than you might believe it to be. Discover more about this purposeful premise today.

    How to Meditate

    Additionally, you’ll find the best practices to employ in our 10 Steps guide. You’ll be gifted these steps when you sign up for Advanced Energetics updates. Determine the most effective way for you to move into an aligned state of being.

    To begin this meditation, the Elders recommend taking some deep breaths to first clear your mind. This is one easy way to still or slow it. But it’s not the only one. Do whatever works best for you to receive insights without mental judgments popping in to delay your journey or throw you off-course.

    Can you do that? Can you allow insights to flow over you like rainfall? Can you let understandings come to you without mental judgments determining what you’re willing to receive? That mental part of you is not designed to conceptualize spiritual endeavors as you do when consciously aware. It’s important to allow new insights in. Allow more to become known. Otherwise, how will you learn and grow?

    The Premise of Your Purpose

    So, what were the initial intentions of your Soul? Do you know the backstory or the premise of your purpose? Do you already know what your Soul wants to understand? You see, your Soul made a purposeful election to incarnate here on Earth. It chose to have this and possibly other life experiences. Earth is where the feeling component is put into play. Here, we are able to feel what we’ve created. It is this unique opportunity, to deeply feel, that offers so much more to explore.

    Here, we can feel almost beyond belief. Feelings can not only move us into joy but this emotional energy can also move us into a state of depression or anxiety. So feeling this life, although beneficial, was not fully understood. It wasn’t until we moved into physical existence that we were able to truly understand the energy our Soul sought to know. But how do you attract what you want and unveil the elusive key to fulfillment?

    Seemingly Impossible Objectives

    Advanced Energetics - Discover the Elders - Find Your Purpose

    There’s been a bit of difficulty to enact what the Soul sought to understand. The premise of our purpose was to understand Its Original Purpose. This difficulty to enact it has caused many other incarnations to result. You see, it has been explained previously that with each incarnation we moved further away from recalling the original purpose to be here. With each embodiment, there was less of a remembering of what was initially wanted. What your Soul sought to understand here.

    Since embodying that first time, more of a layering process has occurred from the initial and subsequent ones. This has caused a degree of lesser energy to exist within. Those negative mishaps and their corresponding energy diminished what had existed before. You see, we each began here whole and complete.

    Recognizable Flaws

    The acquired undesired characteristics are what most of us recognize as flaws. But you see, they are simply recognizable indicators meant to restore what was amiss and may still be missing. Here we’re discussing the means to restore wholeness and completeness.

    Think of this as becoming aware of what wasn’t felt or recognized previously. Thus before self-recognition can occur, there must be a desire to see what is underfoot. It’s really difficult to determine shortcomings and resolve them without establishing the intention to do so.

    Recognition is the best means of restoring wholeness and the key to achieving inner fulfillment. That’s what is sought as they all work in tandem. So in pushing some bad-feeling occurrences aside, you might want to recognize what is meant to be seen and felt in a meaningful way. Not to belabor what feels bad but to know of their unique purpose … their gift.

    In Between Time

    In the in-between time, there is not the full knowingness that many believe exists in that space. We do not pass from this life when transitioning from here to there and have omnipotent knowledge. That’s not how it works, even though many believe this to be the case.

    We take with us the beliefs held in this, our most recent embodiment, and use that belief system to craft our next incarnation. And if you believe some things that are not actually or factually correct, then you are carving out a new next life using faulty material.

    When you are ready, release your beliefs and start anew. Beliefs define us in many regards, so take this step when you are ready to do so. Release those beliefs that don’t quite measure up to what you feel inwardly.

    Conscious Awareness

    Become consciously aware. Still the mind. Seek to engage with your Soul. This can be done by aligning from your heart center and intending for that connection to be. Grow the connection so spiritual direction can be felt, heard, or experienced from your Soul instead of connecting any other way.

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